Health, vitality and immunity – the pandemic year has taught us the importance of these three words more than ever. Increasing immunity and overall wellness are listed on everyone’s new year’s resolutions lists. As such, figuring out how to start can be an arduous task. A structured retreat or spa experience gently guiding you in the right direction can be the perfect nudge to your wellness journey.

As you embark on your journey to vitality and wellness, here is World Travel Magazine’s selection of 18 retreats worldwide that will help get things off the ground or continue the progress.

Wellness Retreats in Australasia

Aro Ha, Glenorchy, New Zealand

Located in the Southern Alps in New Zealand’s Glenorchy, Aro Ha is a refined wellness retreat that focuses on creating an atmosphere of vitality and rejuvenation for its guests. The programs at Aro Ha are designed to regenerate the body and mind with the idea that good physical and emotional health can be attained through daily habits.

You will be encouraged to switch from technology and the rest of the world and practice and learn mindfulness & healing bodywork. The retreats at Aro Ha emphasize overall wellness and give you the chance to become healthier.

At Aro Ha, Yoga, nutrition and mindfulness are your chance to relax and make peace with your body and soul. Techniques such as hydrotherapy, reflexology and, deep breathing exercises help to reduce stress and strengthen your immunity. When you’re out on one of the many subalpine trails around the retreat, it’s easy for your mind to wander. The natural beauty all around helps take away any stress or cares that may be weighing down and jump-start the healing journey.