Mumbai – the city of dreams. Known for being vibrant and home to the stars of Bollywood, the city is also a food-lovers paradise. From quaint old Irani Cafes to the Khao Gali to being home to some of the world’s best restaurants, Mumbai has it all. You can find everything from traditional Persian cuisine to more continental and international cuisine. Here are 20 of the best restaurants that Mumbai has to offer.

Masala Library

A one-its-kind restaurant in India, Masala Library by Jiggs Kalra is the “temple of new-age Indian cuisine” of the Czar of Indian Cuisine, Jiggs Kalra. The restaurant offers a new version of Indian cuisine through the amalgamation of the traditional and the modern – the preparation is done traditionally while the cooking uses modern techniques.

The menu, with a separate Vegetarian version available, is a pan-Indian experience. It has something from every province of the country and something for everyone. From kebabs to the curries of India, Masala Library has it all. From fake eggs to an amuse-bouche of chat, from mushroom chai to the more traditional Paneer Makhani, everything on the diverse menu is worth a taste. The décor is simple and sophisticated – pleasant enough, yet not too distracting so that you can focus on the food.