All Hands Alliance is a new a nonprofit grassroots effort to encourage boaters and watersports enthusiasts to do their part in cleaning up the oceans and waterways. Founded by ardent boaters and marine-industry veterans, AHA is built on the idea that the world’s oceans and waterways are an irreplaceable resource that must be valued and protected for future generations. All Hands Alliance brings that value home and encourages and inspires the people who love to spend time on the water to lead that effort by actively picking up trash and debris from the water and shoreline whenever they encounter it, and to work with marinas and communities to reduce waterway pollution.

“All Hands Alliance is taking a lead to change the direction of the flow of trash and pollution into the ocean,” says Holly Paterson, Executive Director of All Hands Alliance. “My family and I have been fortunate enjoy a life on the water, and we feel as members of the boating community we are duty-bound to ensure future generations can do the same.”

All Hands Alliance will encourage leaders in the boating community around the world to engage and inspire the greater communities where they live. Individuals can become ambassadors for $49.00 for a two-year membership and receive the kit to help clean up their own marine environment. Junior ambassadors who love the sea are encouraged to take a leadership role and sign up friends to help win prizes for their litter clean-up efforts.

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