Benetti has a new yacht project —the FB284, a 220ft (67m) six-deck megayacht. Giorgio M. Cassetta designed the exterior and the layout and the interior is by Benetti’s in-house designers. FB284 has 7 cabins for guests and 11 cabins for a crew of up to 19.


The new 67m is based on the evolution of the platform of the successful 63m Metis launched last year and is also being used for the construction of yachts FB270, FB274 (both 65 meters) and FB278 “Project Fenestra” (67 meters).

The exterior styling by Giorgio M. Cassetta highlights the horizontal development of the ship to emphasise her length. The meticulous search for harmonious continuity is put into practice by the almost seamless lateral lines that curves to streamline the mass of the superstructures.


The only elements that intentionally break the continuity of the boat’s lines are the bridge wings, whose discontinuity is emphasised by the surrounding surfaces, infusing the design with personality and demonstrating an exquisite combination of form and function.

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