Self confessed Dehumidifier fanatic Fox Morgan hunts down some of the best Black Friday Dehumidifier deals for you. Be quick though, they’re telling all their friends about the 55% savings.

I’ve had such fun looking for the best Black Friday Dehumidifier deals. Would it be a bit weird to say I love a dehumidifer? Yes. Ok let’s get down to business then.

Who better than a self confessed dehumidifier fanatic to trawl the internet for find a great Black Friday Dehumidifier deal for you. I have written several reviews on dehumidifiers on our sister site Yachting Monthly and there’s also a buyers guide to dehumidifiers right over here too.
Deals on dehumidifiers are pretty rare and hard to find.
This Black Friday Dehumidifier Deals have been released on the day and we’re constantly looking for something to share with you.
If you own a boat, or a damp wee flat, campervan or anything else with mains power capability, then you REALLY MUST consider getting one of these.

We’re updating these as they come in, so do check back for more deals.

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Best Black Friday Dehumidifier deals UK

Blyss 16L Dehumidifier

It’s got 2 speeds and some wheels for rolling it about easily.
It has a 300w power need, which is pretty efficient, all things considered if you can turn your heating down because the air is drier and warmer.

Absolute bargain!
Was: £170
Now: £100 from B&Q

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Argo 10 Litre Dehumidifier with Digital Humidistat and Anti Dust filter
Antibacterial tank stops mould growth in the tank
Has a laundry setting
Option to drain water continuously to a sink or other drain
Anti-Dust Swing Louver

Save £58
Now: £149.99 from Appliances Direct

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Meaco Junior 8 Litre Desiccant Dehumidifier with Laundry Mode 2 years warranty
I have this very dehumidifier on my own boat and it is stupendously good. Am I being over dramatic? Not one bit. this was an absolute game changer for living onboard my 36′ yacht in the British winters.
It has a laundry setting and a humidistat, which basically means it monitors the air and switches itself on to suck water out when needed.
it’s not a massive saving,but this dehumidifer has been on the market for a long time and nothing has come along to better it. Deals are very rare. So take what you can when they turn up.
It also got from us.
Save £25
Now: £174.99 from Appliances Direct

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MeacoDry ABC 10 Litre Dehumidifier with Humidistat and Laundry Mode 2 Year Warranty
WOW, more than 50% off this excellent dehumidifier. 
Ultra-Quiet Meaco quietest dehumidifier at just 35dB (that’s about the same as a quiet fridge)
Eliminates Moisture Ideal for damp and condensation
Helps to speed up the drying of laundry
Multiple Features Child lock, Laundry Timer
Compact Design Small and lightweight
Ideal for up to 3-bed houses or boats caravans, motorhomes and campers.
Variable Humidistat with Digital Display
I don’t know about you but I’m feeling like there’s room for another dehumidifier in the family at this price.
Save £180!
Now: £149.99 from Appliances Direct

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electriQ 12 Litre Low Energy Dehumidifier with Digital Humidistat and Air Purifier – Features Laundry Drying Mode
They say it uses less energy than most Dehumidifiers, though I can’t find the power consumption anywhere in the specs. It’s a compressor type, so it’ll likely have a 300w compressor/motor. (though I can’t be sure, that’s most common)
Extracts up to 12 litres of water per day
Humidistat lets you set the perfect humidity level
Anti-Odour Activated Carbon Filter included with optional HEPA filter
Clear, simple controls with LED display
Smart mode maintains the best humidity
Timer to automatically switch on/off at a set time
Automatically switches off when the water tank is full
Also, it has wheels. love or loathe them, they can be handy.
Save £45
Now: £139.99 from Appliances Direct

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