Damen Yachting has sold the first vessel from the all-new YS 53 series. This 17ftft/ 53m from the Dutch builder’s Yacht Support range will be delivered in 2023 as part of Anthony Hsieh’s unique and extensive private fishing program.

“What we are planning to do with the 5301 no one has ever done before, and I think this will set a whole new tier of adventure for future sportsmen to explore. My hope is that this ambitious program will inspire a whole new generation of sportsmen to create their own programmes. It will be good for the sport, yachting and the fishing industries.” Anthony Hsieh, owner of the Bad Company fleet.

Hsieh has ambitious goals for the YS 5301 when it joins his Bad Company fleet in 2023. Primarily located in the Indian and Pacific Oceans, she will form the home and hub of his unique and extensive fishing program that will incorporate fishing in relatively unchartered waters and support several marine conservation projects. The YS 5301 will be equipped with a 43 ft Release Game boat and a 32 ft Blackfin – a boat which carries significant sentiment for Hsieh. Recently repurchased and refurbished for this adventure, the Blackfin was Hsieh’s first Game fishing boat purchase more than 30 years ago. Both Game boats will be deployed into areas where the program does not already have Bad Company fleet.

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