Inspired by the unique design of fastback cars, Luiz DeBasto’s new 70- meter yacht concept features similar sporty lines. DeBasto explains: A fastback car has lines that run from the roof of the car all the way down to the rear bumper.

“Some fastback cars such as the Bugatti Atlantic, the Citroen DS and the Porsche 911, are considered to be the most iconic in the history of the automobile,” says DeBasto. “In order to emulate that profile on yacht, that line needed to run all the way from the flybridge continuously, with no interruptions, to the swim platform. Of course, there’s a large difference in scale between cars and yachts and the challenge was to resolve the functional aspects without any compromise. At the same time, I have a preference to design yachts avoiding stacking up decks and then embellish them with further details. It needed to be simple, functional, strong and powerful, a dynamic form displaying movement. The three long lines that start very narrow at the swim platform, enlarge as they rise to become horizontal decks and then taper again defining the profile by visually jumping forward. The aft decks project aft to create open spaces”

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