Group Gathering Restrictions On Boats In Hong Kong Clarified 2

On July 24, the Hong Kong Boating Industry Association obtained clarification on group gathering restrictions on boats from the Food and Health Bureau as well as Marine Police. The Bureau and Marine Police clarified that privately owned Class IV vessels are classified as “private spaces”. This means the group gathering regulation (Cap. 599G), which places restrictions on the amount of people allowed in a group gathering in a public space, does not apply.

The Bureau and Marine Police also stated that Class IV charter boats for hire or reward, such as for social gathering purposes, are classed as “party rooms”. Venues that members of the public can access, such as party rooms, are considered public places. People on Class IV charter boats are required to maintain a social distance of 1.5 meters between groups and adhere to group gathering restrictions.

Group Gathering Restrictions On Boats In Hong Kong Clarified 1

Although privately owned vessels are exempt from social gathering restrictions, the Hong Kong Boating Association emphasised the importance of maintaining hygiene on private boats. The Association also stressed the need to comply with these regulations for public health reasons.

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