Hinckley was the first to bring the marine space the world’s first fully electric luxury yacht in 2017 (Dasher), and now the Maine builder is back with a new hybrid upgrade for its iconic Picnic Boat, which can run in full silence with its trademarked SilentJet technology.

“We know our clients want what’s next, and they also want common sense solutions,” says Geoff Berger, CEO of The Hinckley Company. “The electric Dasher turned heads as all our new models always do, but the practicality of going any distance on electric, given the best current technology wasn’t ideal for our clients.


“With SilentJet, you can travel farther with the hybrid diesel system than with Dasher’s electric platform. Furthermore, we learned that electric-powered water jets are much quieter and produce less vibration than traditional propellers. To deliver a truly silent cruising experience that feels almost like sailing, we knew our water jet propulsion system was the best fit.”

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