In a significant move and a sign of return to normality, the Indian government has announced the reopening of Indian skies to international scheduled flights from March 27th.

This resumption of international scheduled flights will replace all existing temporary air bubble arrangements which have been in place over the last two years.

This decision will lead to a dramatic increase in air connectivity between Indian cities and major international hubs.

Opening up of Indian skies would also mean that Indian travellers will have more choices when selecting airlines when travelling to their favourite destinations. During the last two years, the choice of flights has been restricted to only the select few flights and airlines under air bubble arrangements with selected destinations.

International flight routes are opening up worldwide, making it easier for people in India to get their fix of international travel. They no longer need to take direct flights to limited locations that are priced well over the regular rates just because there’s no other option available, including one-stop routes.

With the summer break just around the corner, many Indian travellers are planning their trips for this year. Most want to head overseas and explore new places during these hot months of May-June. It’s set to be a great year for Indian travellers with the news that flights will resume and there is increased capacity. ◼

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