What happens when you have a yacht owner unhappy with how a very complicated and expensive cascading chandelier aboard his yacht works? According to the owner’s representative, the owner thought the chandelier was missing the play of brilliance between the crystals, the reflections of the polished stainless steel and the surrounding space.

We are not talking about any chandelier. The waterfall chandelier aboard the 280-foot/85.6-meter motoryacht Aquila is the focal point of the yacht’s central lobby. It extends 36-feet/11.2 meters in height. It cascades down four levels from the sun deck down to the lower deck. It is made of 38 polished stainless steel rods. On every rod, there are an average of 40 handmade crystal glass components, which means 1520 pieces of crystal. Aquila’s chandelier, also is comprised of a set of bearing plates at the base and top with a plastic filler to hold the rods and to compensate for the yacht’s micro-vibration when in movement. An average of 11 struts with absorption strips hold the 38 polish rods together. This means that there is a total of 51 components on every rod.

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