May 27, 2020

Written by Maria Korotaeva

The 90-metre/295ft superyacht PROJECT 1601 was revealed at Lurssen shipyard.

Launching superyacht Project 1601 at Lurssen shipyard ©KlausJordan

Motor yacht PROJECT 1601 was designed by world-renowned Espen Oeino. So far very little is known about the new boat. Lurssen have not released any official images at this stage but the video below shows the technical launch of PROJECT 1601.

The yacht enthusiasts have mentioned on the social media that the new yacht has some similarities with famous Skat. One of the most notable features of the exterior profile is definitely the piercing bow. There will be plenty of glazing which will create bright interior living areas.

Project 1601 launched ©KlausJordan

Project 1601 launched ©KlausJordan

Launching motor yacht Project 1601 ©KlausJordan

Launching motor yacht Project 1601 ©KlausJordan

Lurssen PROJECT 1601 will undergo outfitting prior to her launch in 2021.


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