Some of the youngest brokers in the industry are delivering top results for clients of all generations. According to the Forbes billionaire list there are approximately 109 billionaires of 40 years or younger and out of 72 million millennials in America, roughly 600,000 are already millionaires. it is gratifying to witness so many young people becoming attracted to the wonderful world of yachting — professionally and personally. The next generation is essential to the health and well-being of the superyacht industry.

I chatted with six millennial brokers, and this is what I discovered.

Charles Jones
Sales Broker, Burgess

charles Jones

“I feed off the intense energy involved in selling a yacht,” says 31 -year old Charles Jones, sales broker at Burgess, “There are so many moving parts, it’s like being a conductor in an orchestra.” Jones adds that with so many line items to keep track of and different personalities, there are bound to be challenges, but when it’s all over there is a great sense of satisfaction, and you can finally have a good night’s sleep.

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