Baltic Yachts has started construction of the second Baltic 68 Café Racer which will be optimized for racing.

Commissioned by an experienced owner who is familiar with the Mediterranean regatta circuit, the Javier Jaudenes-designed yacht will have a deeper draft at 15.41ft/ 4.7m, a higher righting moment, a single rudder and one electric propulsion unit instead of the two seen on the first yacht.


Like Pink Gin Verde, she will be a ‘un-plug and play’, all-electric boat in terms of propulsion and her winch package, with her free-wheeling propeller able to charge her lithium-ion battery bank while sailing.

With her Marstrom swept spreader rig, the new Café Racer will be able to race with no runners or backstays up to a wind speed limit of about 30 knots true as Baltic Yachts and the rig manufacturers continue to refine this easy-to-use, lightweight option. The new yacht will again make use of structured luff technology within its sail wardrobe.

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