Glory, the latest concept creation from Steve Kozloff Designs is a 558-foot 170 meter, five deck, ice class, triple masted motorsailer with three Solid Sail systems from Chantiers de l’Atlantique Solid Sail/ AeolDrive sail and mast system.


Glory’s One-of-a-kind features:

  • A 2028 ft² aircraft hangar with a unique elevating and gyro stabilized landing pad. She can accommodate up to 2 helicopters or 3 EVTOLs. The elevating and gyro stabilized landing pad (GYRO-LZ) ( ) is designed to offer a stable platform during takeoff and landing in rough conditions.
  • In proximity of the landing area, the two large cranes can help load and off-load special research equipment easily.
  • She also features a full beam beach club with retractable decks, a rarity for a sailing yacht.

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