Flagship Construction on Canados’s flagship model of Fast Expedition vessels, the Oceanic Yacht 140 Tri-Deck is well underway. The yacht has been sold to a loyal Canados client who intends to keep the boat based in Cote d’Azur.


While original contract delivery date was set for September 2021, it has been decided with the client to push the delivery back to March 2022 in order to benefit from the new CAT 32B Series which are a direct evolution of the CAT 32 Acert. The Oceanic 140-footer will be the first yacht powered with these engines delivered in Europe.

The 43-meter Oceanic hull #1 is a triple engine configuration that has been engineered to run either at displacement speeds or planning speeds, offering extended navigation possibilities.


The Canados DHC – Displaning Hull Concept

The hull design by Canados technical office has been named DHC for “Displaning Hull Concept” for its very specific ability to bring the best of both world, long range at 10 to 14 knots and a top end speed of 25 knots at planning speed. The partially keeled hull has been designed with twin massive steps, triple propeller tunnels and bulb. The keel runs over two third of the hull length to increase stability at slow speed and in following seas. The two steps play two roles, reducing the buoyancy aft to keep pitching movement to the minimum at displacement speeds and compensate the weight of the superstructure installed very much forward, while they will ventilate the propellers at higher speed.

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