Featuring a towering an astonishing 351ft ( 107m) air-draft rig, Apex 850, the 279-foot single-masted sailing yacht is a new collaboration between Royal Huisman and Malcolm McKeon Yacht Design. Stunning minimalism in every aspect of McKeon’s radical design serves to emphasize the grace and potential of this extraordinary ocean greyhound. Even the all-glass superstructure, encompassing some / 2150 sqft /200 sqm of guest cockpit and a luxurious saloon, scarcely seems to be there – an understated, almost ethereal presence. APEX 850 is fully resolved in terms of design, naval architecture and engineering.


Malcolm McKeon comments: The sailing experience of APEX 850 will be sensational, with speeds in excess of wind speed in most conditions. Her retractable keel, optimized weight distribution and limited heel angle will provide stability, comfort and safety for all on board. Her twin high aspect rudders will provide a rapid response to her fly by wire helm.

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