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This month, British modern classic yacht company Spirit Yachts launched Spirit 111, an eco-friendly 34m sloop. Spirit 111 is the largest, single-masted wooden sailing yacht built in the United Kingdom since Shamrock V in the 1930s.

Sean McMillan, Spirit founder and head designer of the large yacht, remarked that “a single-masted wooden yacht of this size that can be owner-driven is nothing less than a feat of engineering. The yacht’s impressive strength to weight ratio, a carbon rig and lightweight, performance sails will allow the owner to compete at regattas worldwide.”

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Apart from its size, its environmental emphasis also made it difficult to engineer. Spirit Yachts’ managing director Nigel Stuart noted, “it’s been a challenging journey, which has given us the opportunity to innovate and gain insight for future superyacht and eco-focused builds.”

Spirit Yachts Launches Large Eco Friendly Superyacht 1 

Spirit Yachts collaborated with leading marine and automotive suppliers to deliver the environmentally friendly features of Spirit 111. The yacht is built from responsibly-sourced American Walnut timber, and uses carbon-saving systems while in operation.

The 34m yacht is equipped with a Torqeedo electric propulsion system that uses a 100kW motor, allowing the yacht to propel silently up to 30nm at eight knots from battery power. This electric propulsion system is also able to regenerate batteries while sailing by rotating the propeller shaft. 

Its interior, designed by Rhoades Young and Spirit Yachts, features a smart lighting system that uses motion sensors to turn lights on and off. The air conditioning on the vessel uses variable speeds that can be powered by battery or shore power. Water is heated using a Webasto system that heats water on demand to conserve energy. The fridge and freezer use Cryogel insulation to further minimal power consumption.

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Spirit 111 is one of the few superyachts capable of operating without professional crew, allowing more room for guest accommodation and imaginative space of flowing curves, inspired by the client’s recent visit to Antelope Canyon in Arizona. “The highly detailed ‘steam pieces’ blue the line between furniture and sculpture”, Rhoades Young partner Jonathan Rhoades observed.

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With its size, carbon-saving systems, and cozy, round interiors, Spirit 111 stands out as a clear innovator in the industry. Its sustainability features paves way for more environmentally-friendly vessels to come.

(Photos: Spirit Yachts)

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