Sanlorenzo takes its SX crossover line to the next level with the new flagship of the series, the SX112, which offers a huge aft platform for on-water fun and versatility

Ryan Swift
| 6 May 2021

In 2020, Sanlorenzo owner and Executive Chairman Massimo Perotti said that the genesis of the yard’s SX line came in the wake of the 2008 Global Financial Crisis, as buyers more concerned with status and prestige than enjoying the ocean left the market rapidly. He said this was the moment the company decided to focus its appeal directly on passionate yacht owners and lovers of the sea.

Sanlorenzo describes the SX line, with its fast-displacement hull, as a “synthesis of the classic motor yacht with a flying bridge and explorer type.” Luca Santella, founder of the Bluegame series of yachts (later acquired by Sanlorenzo), came up with the SX series concept.

But the real game changer in the SX112, the newly launched flagship of the SX series, is the aft deck area. The engineers and designers at Sanlorenzo ultimately created an enormous, 90-sqm multipurpose aft deck area that works as a complete platform on the sea.

In February, Sanlorenzo Asia dealer Simpson Marine revealed an SX112 had been sold into Hong Kong, with the new model set to be delivered this summer.

Thanks to fold-down bulwarks that turn into terraces, owners and guests get a spectacular space to play and relax while at anchor.

Between the lower deck and the aft deck are steeply raked sliding glass doors, which, when open, connect the lower deck interior to the aft deck/beach club. A gym is positioned at the border between the interior and exterior at the aft deck. The aft deck is also large enough to store sizeable tenders and toys.

Thanks to fold-down bulwarks that turn into terraces, owners and guests get a spectacular space to play and relax while at anchor

A key decision in creating the aft deck and the overall layout of the SX112, and the SX range in general, was the choice to use Volvo Penta’s IPS pod propeller system. The IPS is normally associated with smaller yachts, but in 2016, Sanlorenzo brought Volvo-Penta onboard for the SX series.

The Volvo IPS engine series was introduced in 2005 and has since become a mainstay in smaller yachts. The SX112 may be the biggest yacht yet to offer the Volvo IPS system and to gain the system’s advantages.

Because the propellers in an IPS are angled in line with the hull, as opposed to the downward slope of an in-line shaft and engine, the counter-rotating propellers push the boat more efficiently. The IPS also doesn’t require space for shafts, and the engines can be placed further aft. This decreases the amount of space required for engineering compartments and opens up more room for onboard living.


It also means owners and operators can enjoy joystick control of a superyacht, something that will be appreciated when docking or operating at low speeds in tight spaces. The joystick is linked to the engines and the bow thrusters for difficult manoeuvres. The IPS also allows for a dynamic positioning system.

Because the propellers on the IPS are in line with the hull and the propellers are forward-facing for better “bite” in the water, the SX112 cruises at 20 knots comfortably. At 10 knots, it consumes about 120 litres of fuel per hour. With an 18,000-litre fuel capacity, that yields a range of about 1,500 nautical miles.

The exterior design of the SX112, the third model in the SX series, was again given to Bernardo Zuccon of Studio Zuccon International Project, who said: “The shapes (on the SX112) are fluid; almost a reminder of the nature of large marine mammals.”

Piero Lissoni did the interiors of the first unit. Perotti personally recruited Lissoni, a Milanese Piero Lissoni did the interiors of the first unit. Perotti personally recruited Lissoni, a Milanese architect and product designer, to work on the SX line.

“We have connected the spaces exactly as in a building through very technological openings that relate the inside to the outside and vice versa. In fact, we have built a villa that floats,” says Lissoni.

“The element that links all three models in the SX line is the vertical connection. Usually on boats, the connections are almost always serviceable or sometimes become incredibly decorative. As an architect, I thought of inserting absolutely astonishing details into the boats, such as the stairs, which are designed specifically for each model,” Lissoni adds.

The SX112 may be the biggest yacht yet to ofer the Volvo IPS system

The design of the SX112 is marked by the extensive use of glass, as well as a combination of Japanese and Italian motifs. The main deck saloon is enclosed by floor-to-ceiling windows, increasing the sense of space and maximising the view of the sea. Combined with the open bulwarks on the aft deck, the main deck offers a fantastic overall vista.

The main deck is open from stern to bow, with the bar, lounges and dining area all part of a seamless space.

The design of the SX112 is marked by the extensive use of glass, as well as a combination of Japanese and Italian motifs

The wheelhouse has moved to the flybridge, which opens up the main deck even more. The forward area on the flybridge and helm station can be fully closed and air-conditioned by electrically operating windows or opened to let the sea breeze in.

The forward area of the main deck features a lounge area with sun deck that can be converted into a private, shaded dining area.

The stairs are a key element in Lissoni’s design. A helical staircase connects all three decks, and at the main deck, it is enclosed in a transparent oval volume, making it appear to be suspended in the air.

There is accommodation in three large cabins on the lower deck: one for the owner and two VIP cabins, plus a lounge area that can be converted into a twin or double cabin. There is also a kitchen connected directly to the crew quarters.

Tatami is used both in the cabins to cover the floors and headboards of the beds and for the ceilings of the interior spaces. The wooden walls that define the main deck and the sleeping area are combined with bronzed mirror walls that amplify the space.

The bathrooms are adorned with precious veined marble, while teak characterises the exteriors. Those spectacular cabins and interiors will be competing for attention with the enormous aft-deck area. All in all, it’s not a bad problem to have.


Technical specifications: Sanlorenzo SX112 

LOA: 34.2m
Beam: 8m
Draught: (Half load) 1.85m
Fuel capacity: 18,000l
Water capacity: 2,200l
Engines: 4 X Volvo IPS3 1350s – 1000 Hp
Gensets: 1 X 55 Kw – 1 X 70 Kw
Maximum speed: 23Kts
Cruising speed: 20kts
Economical speed: 12kts


Source: Asia-Pacific Boating

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