The name Jeff Bezos always creates a buzz and when it is rumored to be connected to a 417-foot/127-meter sailing yacht in build at Oceanco, all sorts of stories arise— such as the current controversy around the need to dismantle the De Hef bridge in Rotterdam to allow the yacht to pass.

Recently, there has been a lot of hype about De Hef bridge in Rotterdam having to temporarily come down to accommodate the 417-foot/127-meter sailing yacht, purportedly owned by Jeff Bezos, currently in build at Oceanco. Yachts International decided to check up on this story.


The Konigshaven bridge, colloquially known as De Hef bridge (which means to lift up) is an historical landmark in Rotterdam. Originally built in 1877 as a swing bridge to connect railroad traffic from the north with the south in the Netherlands, it was part of a long railroad bridge that went through the heart of Rotterdam. It was destroyed in 1918 when a German steamship ran into it. Then in 1927, it was reconstructed as a lift bridge. In World War II, it was damaged again but eventually fixed so that it could once again accommodate trains. In 1993, a 9,186-foot/ 2800 -meter tunnel under the Nieuwe Maas river replaced De Hef and other railroad bridges.

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