Image: Ben Sharpe/@kedlinco

Dramatic footage shows a 27-metre Pershing yacht engulfed in flames, off the coast of Positano, Italy, on the Amalfi Coast.

Local fire crews, two drones and a helicopter were scrambled to the scene, as a column of black smoke poured out of the burning yacht.

Local media confirms that eight passengers and two crew members were safely evacuated from the blaze, with no casualties reported so far.

The video was captured Friday by Twitter user Ben Sharpe, near the small archipelago of Li Galli, close to the popular charter spots of Li Galli and Capri. The Italian Environment Ministry says it has surveilled the area for pollution and is collecting debris and spilt diesel. 

The yacht is believed to be from the 26.95-metre Pershing 88 series. It is not yet known what caused the fire to break out, and investigations are ongoing.

Source: Asia-Pacific Boating

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