The Vittoria Shipyard has launched Vittoria Yachts, a new division of the long-standing company that has a hundred years of experience in military, paramilitary and civil shipbuilding. Leading Vittoria Yachts on their journey are Paolo Duò, President of the Vittoria Shipyard, and Michele Zorzenon, Managing Director of the new division.


The Duò family has been at the helm of the Venetian company who since 1927. Vittoria Yachts is presenting three product lines: Explorer, Support Vessel and Custom Vittoria.

Engineer Sergio Cutolo of Hydro Tec has partnered with Vittoria Yachts to design the Explorer yacht line of luxury boats, which boast certain characteristics inspired by military vessels. For example, they can sail for long periods of time in any marine weather conditions, they are equipped with fully automated cruising capabilities and they are environmentally friendly.

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