X-Power 33C

Renowned Danish sailboat builder X-Yachts has announced the start of their powerboat line with their new X-Power series. The first X-Power model, 33C, will be a 33-foot open powerboat featuring a patented Petestep® hull that decreases noise from waves and reduces the vessel’s fuel consumption. The 33C will have an inboard engine and a driving panel with an integrated navigation and operation system. X-Yachts claims no user manuals will be needed, as their powerboats will offer an intuitive operating experience.

The design strategy of the powerboats will closely resemble X-Yachts’ already established design for yachts. “What we are creating here is unique. With this powerboat, we are appealing to people who love to go on the water and to become one with the sea for a weekend, or to spend an active day offshore. Like with our sailboats, high quality and safety goes hand in hand with performance in this new product line”, says X-Yachts CEO Kræn Brinck Nielsen.

X-Yachts started development of their powerboat line after their fortieth anniversary in 2019. Nielsen comments, “Our owner, Ib Kunøe, and I discussed what could bring X-Yachts into the 5th decade, and we quickly recognised that introducing a comfortable ease of use powerboat on the market, would be a very interesting but also a highly challenging assignment”.

The first X-Power model is expected to launch January 2021.


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