Yacht Agency Distributes Food Parcels To Indonesian Families In Need 5

Catalano Shipping Indonesia, a yacht agency based in Seminyak, Bali, has organised a charity day to distribute over 200 sembako (food parcels) to 200 local families suffering from financial distress and hardship exacerbated by the Covid-19 pandemic.

Catalano partnered with Pelindo Properti, partners of Benoa Marina in Bali, as well as the marina’s three resident 55m superyachts, to raise 26 million rupiah (US$1,850) towards the relief effort. Funds were used to purchase and distribute packs of rice, oil, sugar and eggs. Local suppliers such as Allegre also contributed baked goods to the efforts. The parcels were packed and distributed to those in need over two days in late May.

Yacht Agency Distributes Food Parcels To Indonesian Families In Need 1

“These are tough times for a lot of people, and particularly here in Indonesia where people are living on the poverty line, even in good times,” said Catalano Shipping Managing Director Richard Lofthouse, “it is important that we help to support the people who help to support us in normal times.”

Catalano Shipping General Manager Clarice Jarmain, who put together and organised the charity drive with her team, says she was “incredibly proud of our staff as well as those from Benoa Marina and the superyachts who gave so freely and generously to assist.” She adds: “We achieved our targets, had fun in the process and put a lot of smiles on a lot of faces, which was the most fantastic part.”

Yacht Agency Distributes Food Parcels To Indonesian Families In Need 4

Catalano Shipping Indonesia and Benoa Marina have also been able to use some of the surplus food parcels to assist those struggling in Raja Ampat (West Papua), and are planning to pack and distribute more food parcels in Bali later this month. They are also working on an ocean cleanup initiative with 4Ocean, to remove marine waste from the area around Benoa Marina.



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